What Is ACE

What Is Steven Cerri’s ACE Online Mentoring Program?
Note: New memberships to ACEmentoring.com are no longer being accepted. Thank you.

Steven Cerri’s ACE Mentoring is an online subscription service focused on training, mentoring, and coaching engineers, scientists, technologists, and technical managers who want to Advance their Career in Engineering (i.e., ACE). Specifically, this is a group of online mentoring programs for those who want to advance their careers without making the mistakes and missteps that so often keep careers from advancing as they should or as they can. (ACE is also useful for technical leads and managers who want new tools to apply in their own management processes.)

The Subscription Service consists of the following parts:

  • Live 1-hour webinars
  • Pre-recorded 1-hour webinars
  • Training podcasts. These are multi-hour, multi-module training programs that provide significant online training.
  • Articles (Check out the Bonus Materials)
  • Mini-courses (Check out the Bonus Materials)
  • Presentations (Check out the Bonus Materials)

The above items are constantly being added to, ensuring that your ACE subscription is a growing resource for your career advancement. And each podcast, article, training, mini-course, and presentation covers information you will not find in books. It comes from Steven’s experience in a wide variety of engineering and technical management environments and this information is not readily available elsewhere.