ACE Benefits1

ACE Benefits

There are many benefits to subscribing to Steven Cerri’s ACE Online Mentoring Program. As time goes on you will find more and more information specifically addressing your desire to advance your career. Here are descriptions of just some of the benefits.

1. On-Line Learning is State-of-the-Art Learning
Online learning is one of the most powerful and convenient ways to learn available to the busy engineer, scientist, and technologist. By subscribing to ACE you will be able to read, listen, see, and learn all in one place, at whatever time and from whatever place is convenient to you. You will learn tools, knowledge, and processes that will help you advance your engineering career, regardless of where you are in your engineer/scientist/technologist career life-cycle.

2.  Specific Focus for Engineers, Scientists, and Technical Professionals
There are plenty of people, books, videos, lectures, etc., that purport to teach you how to advance your career, whatever that career might be. This means that the information presented is usually “general” in nature. It’s often common-sense information that applies to most careers. However, where can you find information, videos, audio files, articles, mentoring, and advice that is specifically for engineers, scientists, and technologists? Where can you find career information that is unique to the technical world? Steven Cerri’s ACE Online Mentoring Subscription Program is one of the few specifically designed to address the unique issues facing technical professionals in today’s work environment.

3.  Career Strategies That Work and Don’t Work
The information in the ACE Online Mentoring Program is produced by Steven Cerri and the tools, strategies, processes, and information that Steven is presenting he has personally applied and tested. He will tell you what worked and why and what did not work and why. This will give you a balanced approach to your career choices.

4.  Monthly Tele-Mentoring Calls
Once a month, Steven will host a tele-mentoring call. The call will address a specific issue in the career of engineers, scientists, and technologists.  Each call will consist of a portion devoted to specific information that Steven wants you to know about and a question and answer section that allows you to ask questions that are most important to you.

5.  Monthly Mini-Course Calls
Once a month, Steven will host a mini-course called “Kick-Start Your Engineering Career”. This mini-course is designed to give ACE members specific tools to address the various areas of their work life. The mini-course addresses three specific areas as follows:
1. What to do about your own behavior in order to increase your success.
2. What to do in relation to your team in order to increase your success.
3. What to do in relation to the overall corporate organization in order to increase your success.

6.  Information is Archived
All calls, articles, audio files, and videos are archived so that you can access them whenever you want from wherever you are in the world, 24/7. This means that your ACE Online Mentoring Subscription is always working for you and is always accumulating more and more useful information that you can access.

7.  Integrating Your Career and Your Life
Being successful as an engineer, scientist, or technologist is not just about being good at your technical work. It is also about having a life; living the life you want to be living. Steven Cerri’s ACE Online Mentoring Program will address both the work and non-work aspects of living a life as a technical professional. This is an important journey you have embarked upon… it’s best to have all aspects of your life aligned.

8.  Your Ability to Influence the Content
As a subscriber to ACE Online Mentoring, you have the ability to suggest topics that are important to you and your career. When enough people express an interest in a topic you can be guaranteed it will a topic Steven will address in an upcoming Tele-Mentoring call. The ACE Online Mentoring Program is a living, organic process that is responsive to the needs of its members.