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Bonus #1: Presentation & Audio File
“Transitioning From Technical to Managerial”
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Steven Cerri

Bonus Presentation and Audio File #1
“Transitioning from Technical to Managerial”
The pitfalls to avoid in transitioning from engineer to manager

Duration/Format/Size: 50minutes/MP3/48MB
Presenter: Steven Cerri presents the behaviors and attitudes to avoid and what to have instead in order to make a successful transition from engineer to manager.
It is often the case that good engineers are offered management or lead positions just because they are good at their technical work. The concept is, “If you can perform your engineering work well you can obviously lead people doing the same work.” Unfortunately that is not the case. In this presentation, given as a Career and Workforce Development Workshop at the 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Steven presents the behaviors that, while making us successful engineers may well interfere with our successful move into management.
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