05-la-Awesome Presentations

Learn How To Create, Develop, Deliver, and Control Awesome Technical Presentations
Has this ever happened to you?
How many times have you attempted to give a presentation and lost control just as you get started.
Here is the situation…
You are asked to give a presentation. Maybe a PDR (Preliminary Design Review) or a CDR (Critical Design Review) or a financial review or a project status review.
Maybe you’ve decided to use PowerPoint but you could just as easily use your laptop screen moving from Excel spreadsheet to spreadsheet.
You prepare all the charts you think you need. You have plenty of data. You are sure you have every base covered.
The big day arrives. You’ve decided to use PowerPoint and you put up the first slide.
However, by the third slide someone in the audience asks you a question. No problem. You answer and you are ready to return to your presentation when someone else asks another question. You answer this question, but then a discussion begins between audience members and you are left standing there waiting for the opportunity to take back your meeting.
But that opportunity never seems to come. Your meeting goes south. People in the audience begin to discuss their topics of interest.
Your left standing there in the front of the room, unable to continue your presentation.
And finally, when there is a lull in the audience’s conversation, you have the opportunity to take back the meeting but it’s not what you ever intended. The meeting ends and everyone is clear that this just wasn’t what anyone really wanted your presentation to be.
Maybe you begin your presentation and you get two or three slides into it and a high level director begins challenging your data. Now a heated discussion begins to consume the clock as you try to explain your data and your rationale… that you intended to explain in later charts by the way… but you don’t want to be rude to the director who is asking you questions and challenging your data.
And all of a sudden your presentation is just taking place between you and the director.
If these situations or situations similar have ever happened to you, this training, “How to Create, Develop, Deliver, and Control Awesome Technical Presentations” will ensure that this never happens to you again.
This training is comprised of 16 modules, each from 15 minutes to 45 minutes in length. (This isn’t a quick fix. To be able to avoid these situations you have to know what you are doing.)
Each module takes you step-by-step through the process of creating, developing, delivering, and controlling an awesome technical presentation.
Let me tell you a little of what you won’t learn in this training…
• You won’t learn about font sizes (this is not really that important).
• You won’t learn about how much to put on each slide (this too is not really that important).
• You won’t learn how to make a presentation that is remembered (being remembered is not what you want).
• You won’t learn how to make flashy slides or transitions (no big deal… really).
What you will learn in this training…
• You will understand why the purpose of all presentations is to influence the audience.
• You will learn how to “bake influence” into your presentation from the moment you begin to create it.
• You will learn how to control the context, the interpretation of the data you present and this is critical.
• You will learn that the presenting data is not your purpose, although data is what people think they want.
• You will learn how to control your own state so you can control your presentation

This training is only available to ACE Prime Members.